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Saloka Theme Park is an extravagant amusement park at Semarang with themed zones, scary rides, entertainment shows and an iconic ferris wheel known as Cakrawala. It is a whimsical world where imagination becomes reality and with a dash of fun, Saloka becomes a must-visit attraction in Central Java.

Besides being an amusement park, Saloka also carries the concept of local wisdom and is the symbol of the local mythological tales. If you are looking for an entertaining weekend getaway with family and friends while at Semarang, grab your Saloka Theme Park tickets.

There are five zones at Saloka, each of which is designed based on a theme. Pesisir is a coastal theme arena, Balalantra is a wilderness theme zone, Ararya is an adventure zone with hair-rising rides, Kamayani is a kid-centric zone and Segara Prada is a zone to chill and munch.

With twenty five different rides, a Dancing Fountain and entertainment performances, Saloka Theme Park Semarang is uniquely built to depict the traditional fables like the story of Baru Klinting. There are plenty of eateries inside Saloka where you can devour some of the finest cuisines after a tiring day of playing all the rides.

Saloka Theme Park Tickets at a Glance

About the Activity
  • Explore the five different zones of Saloka Theme Park – Balalantara, Pesisir, Ararya, Segara Prada and Kamayayi.

  • Enjoy twenty five different themed rides, Cakrawala ferris wheel and kids play area with a single Saloka Theme Park Ticket.

  • Take part in the park’s iconic dancing fountain show illustrating the story of Baru Klinting with laser lights, music and 3D animation.

  • Treat yourself with a fine dining experience at Daimami Restaurant and gorge on yummy snacks at the cafes and food trucks.

  • Witness the theme park’s zones and rides designed to depict cultural significance and ancient folklore.

  • Children below 2 years of age are given free entry to the park

Saloka Theme Park tickets can be purchased physically from the ticket counter, but it would be more convenient for you to buy tickets online. When buying online you can avoid all the hassle and long queues, along with high heat waves making you dizzy. One can also avail many offers when booking online, which leads to a successful budget friendly experience.

Saloka Theme Park is a fanciful amusement park featuring gripping rides, distinctive events, huge ferris wheel and an exceptional dancing fountain. Book a time slot convenient to your schedule in advance to explore this park which is filled with twenty five different rides categorized in five game zones. With online Saloka Theme Park tickets, you get free access to all the rides and shows without any additional entry fee.

Get your adrenaline pumping on terrifying rides like Paku Bumi, Senggal Senggol, Abit Drug and KIT Beetle. And when you feel hungry after a full day of play, gorge on the appetizing food at the restaurants here like RIMBA Restaurant, Daimami and Jenju Cafe.

Saloka Theme Park is split into five entertainment zones - Balalantara, Pesisir, Ararya, Segara Prada and Kamayayi. Each zone is inimitably designed based on a theme such as jungle, adventure, coastal, peaceful, and kids theme. Have fun hopping on adventurous rides like Bengak Bengok, Paku Bumi, Cakrawala and Kumbang Layang.

You can also indulge in live shows like the Baru Klinting dancing fountain, local dance performance and Saloka Carnival. Each zone has a cafe, restaurant or food trucks parked within every corner, offering delicious dishes from Japanese to American street food.

Saloka Theme Park is open on all days of the week. The timings are 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays from Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 7 PM on weekends during Saturday and Sunday.

Saloka Theme Park tickets are issued till one hour before the closing time after which entry is not allowed. On an average it takes around 3-4 hours to explore Saloka theme park.

Saloka Theme Park Tickets purchased online include access to all five zones, featuring a total of twenty five rides along with live shows. Hence, you need not pay any extra amount to get on the rides. Have fun taking part in fascinating rides like Lumbung Ilmu Galileo, Angon Ingon, Kumbang Layang, Paku Bumi etc.

Enjoy with your kids at the Kamayani zone where toddlers can explore new skills with fun activities. You can also witness Saloka’s iconic Dancing Fountain that tells the ancient folktale about Baru Klinting along with lively laser lights, cheerful music and 3D animations.

Why Visit Saloka Theme Park

  • Saloka Theme Park is a huge and clean amusement park with exciting rides, challenging games and lively environment to spend quality time with family as the park has the best things for both adults as well as kids.

  • Saloka Theme Park tickets can get you access to all the 25 different types of rides categorized in five themed zones.

  • You can learn about the ancient folktales of the city through cultural performances and entertainment shows like the dance performance by the clown Ayayi with four fairies and a carnival featuring characters from the folklore.

  • Baru Klinting Show that showcases a beautiful dancing fountain along with music, laser lights and 3D animation to illustrate the Baru Klinting Folktale is one of the compelling reasons to visit Saloka Theme Park.

  • Besides enjoying the rides, kids can also have fun learning science at Saloka Theme Park Semarang. Galileo Science Barn facilitates outdoor activities to learn the principles of science through games.

  • Saloka Theme Park houses some of the finest restaurants, cafes and food trucks of the city where you can relish dishes from all over the world.

Zones at Saloka Theme Park Bali

Saloka Theme Park is divided into five different zones – Balalantara, Ararya, Pesisir, Segara Prada and Kamayayi. Each zone depicts a theme and houses various rides and attractions portraying the ancient folklore of Semarang. The rides present at these five zones of Saloka Theme Park Semarang are both thrilling as well as entertaining and hence are suitable for people of all age groups.

For instance, there is an exclusive zone for kids aged 12 or below with simple rides like toy cars and a ball pool. A thrilling zone with scary rides like Lika-Liku and Benk Benk and a relaxing zone for those who want to ride on less adventurous games like Gonjang Ganjing are all available. There are food trucks, cafes and restaurants at each zone for the hungry souls who want to gorge on palatable food.

Zone Balalantara

Balalantara game zone is based on the jungle theme with several rides and attractions for people of all age groups. At Balalantara zone, you can ride the Kumbang Layang air-bike at a height of four metres above the ground in 360 degrees to witness the panoramic view of Central Java province.

If you are looking for simple rides to enjoy with your little ones, hop on the Safari Bocah train ride through flower gardens and mushroom houses or visit the Angon Ingon sanctuary where you can spot various kinds of birds, turtles and rabbits. In case you are looking for a challenging ride, do not miss Fight Guts which is a haunted house with mysterious surprises.

Zone Ararya

Ararya Zone is the home to all exhilarating rides at Saloka and hence is a delight for adventure junkies who love the rush of adrenaline. If you are someone who loves indulging in challenging sports, head straight to Ararya at Saloka Theme Park. There are five different rides each of which sends a chill down your spine.

Go in for the Lika-Liku ride with your loved ones where you can slide from a height of 12 metres through a winding path at a superfast pace. There are other rides at Zone Ararya like Paku Bumi, Benk Benk, Abit Drug and Senggal Senggol, offering a unique and thrilling experience of a lifetime.

Zone Pesisir

Zone Pesisir at Saloka Theme Park Semarang is based on the coastal theme and the design is so intricate that entering the zone will make you feel like being on a beach. So, get your sunglasses ready to play on the rides at Zone Pesisir.

You can hop on a gondola of the Cakrawala ferris wheel from where you can witness the panoramic view of Saloka or groove along with the dancing fountain at the Jejogedan Arena with the Jenju Ship in the background.

Segara Prada

If you are looking for a place to relax, head to Segara Prada Zone, which is a peaceful zone decorated with the theme of the mining industry. This zone is a wonderful location to relax and have fun as the rides here are less adventurous. At Segara Prada, you can ride through a water tunnel in a rotating canoe at Gonjang Ganjing or learn about scientific principles at the Galileo Science Park with fun outdoor activities. After a tiring trip through Segara Prada, grab a bite at the Daimami Shop that is famous for its Japanese cuisine. The design of the restaurant reflects the mining theme of the zone and serves delicious food.

Zone Kamayayi

Considered as a paradise for all kids, this zone is especially designed for tiny toddlers, who can participate in various activities like riding spinning cups, slides and toy cars. Let your kids splash some water sound the animal statue area after their merry-go-round ride, or let the little lads of age 3-6 play in their special Polah Bocah arena. End your journey by indulging in some delectable dishes and famous ice-cream dessert, which is relished by all ages of humans.

Know Before You Go

Essential Information
Rules & Regulations

Best Time to Visit: Saloka Theme Park is highly crowded during the weekend and so it is preferred to visit during the weekdays. The best time to visit is by morning so that you can enjoy all the rides before the crowd gets in. However, if you want to enjoy the dancing fountain at night, you can reach the park by noon.

Location: Jl. Fatmawati No.154, Gumuk Sari, Lopait, Kec. Tuntang, Kabupaten Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50773, Indonesia

Age Restrictions: There is no age restriction to enter the Saloka Theme Park.

How to reach:- By Car: Saloka Theme Park is located about 20 kilometres from Ungaran and 40 kilometres from Semarang city. The easiest way to reach Saloka Theme Park is by road via a taxi or a cab. You can reach Saloka in twenty minutes from Ungaran while it is a one hour drive from Semarang.

  • By Bus: The nearest bus stop to Saloka is Bawen at Semarang Regency which is situated at a distance of 5.3 kilometres from the activity location
  • Free WiFi
  • Toilets
  • Changing rooms and lockers
  • Lactation room
  • Nursery and Child care
  • Parking lot
  • Restaurants
  • ATM
  • Islamic Praying Room
  • Health Clinic
  • Information Centre
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry food and beverages from outside. Bags of visitors will be checked by the security at the main entrance. If you bring food, they will ask you to finish it up before entering or you can leave it with them and collect it while you leave.

  • Since Saloka Theme Park is a kid-friendly zone, smoking at public places is prohibited. However, the park has a separate smoking zone for those who wish to have a puff.

  • The last admission to the park is permitted till one hour before the closing time after which tickets will not be given.

  • Some rides at Saloka are not accessible by kids who are less than 120 cm in height and by adults who weigh more than 75 kgs, for your safety, so please cooperate accordingly.

  • The management of the park does not take responsibility for the belongings of visitors placed inside lockers or changing rooms.

Saloka Theme Park FAQ's

How many zones are there in Saloka Theme Park?

There are a total of five zones in the theme park-

Zone Balalantara: Balalantara zone is designed on the jungle theme with different exciting rides. The air-bike ride, train safari, zoo visit and haunted house at Balalantara are some of the thrilling rides at Saloka Theme Park Semarang.

Zone Ararya: Zone Ararya is specially designed for those daring souls who are in the quest for adventurous rides. The rides at Ararya involve unique experiences like sliding through twists and turns, dropping down from a great height and swinging at a fast pace.

Zone Pesisir: Based on a coastal theme, Pesisir takes you on a short trip to the beach so do not forget your sunscreen. Jejogedang Arena and Jenu Ship exhibiting a dancing fountain with music and 3D animation is the highlight of the zone.

Segara Prada: If you want to enjoy rides that are less thrilling, head to Segara Prada zone. The entire zone is designed on the theme of the mining industry. Daimami Restaurant here is highly famous for its luscious Japanese cuisine.

Zone Kamayayi: Kamayayi Zone is exclusively built for kids below 12 years of age. Children have a great time playing in the toy car rides, merry-go-round, water spray game and Polah Bocah where there are trampoline, ball bath area and slide.

Where is the Saloka Theme Park located?

Saloka Theme Park is located near Ungaran town of the Central Java province, Indonesia. The park is 22 kilometres from Ungaran and can be reached in just 20 minutes. It is about 42 kilometres away from the Semarang city centre and can be reached in an hour by road. The park is easily accessible via public transport like buses as well by cabs.

How many rides are there at Saloka Theme Park?

There are 25 different rides at Saloka Theme Park which are divided into 5 different zones for people’s convenience. In addition to these rides, there are also other entertainment shows and performances like Baru Klinting Dancing Fountain Show, dance performances and carnivals featuring the characters from folktales are other attractions at Saloka.

Are there any food outlets inside the Saloka Theme Park?

There are several eateries and food trucks inside the Saloka Theme Park that offers delectable dishes. They serve a variety of snacks ranging from western cuisine like burgers, steaks and popcorn to Sakura country specials like udon and katsu.

RIMBA Restaurant, DAIMAMI, Jenju Cafe, TUK CIO Cafe, SRENGENGE Cafe and Ice Cream Shop are some of the food outlets inside Saloka Theme Park. You can also witness food trucks that serve a variety of menus including hot dogs, burgers and more.

Which is the best time to visit Saloka Theme Park?

Saloka Theme Park is best visited during the dry season of Semarang in the months of May to September. The weather is pleasant and hence you can enjoy all the rides without having to worry about the monsoon showers. The suggested time to visit Saloka in a day is by morning so that you can get an entry without the crowd hustle.


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