Places to Visit in Bali

Best Places to Visit in Bali

The Indonesian archipelago is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, and the island of Bali is no exception. There is a warm-water paradise for everyone in Bali, whether you prefer the calm waters of Seminyak Beach or the Padang Padang Beach featured in Julia Roberts' Eat, Pray, Love; or the tourist favourites Legian and Kuta Beach.

A testament to Bali's status as a top tourist destination is the seemingly endless array of things to do there. In Bali, you have the option of visiting any number of sacred temples and shrines, such as Desa Temukus, Tanah Lot Sea Temple, or the Tirta Empul Temple, all of which have their own unique charms. As far as natural scenery goes, you can visit Tukad Cepung for a gushing waterfall, visit the Sukawati Canyon, or simply spend the day relaxing on the Balangan Beach.

In addition to the Ubud Monkey Forest and the Bali Bird Sanctuary, Bali is a haven for nature lovers who want to spend a day surrounded by exotic animals and plants. The markets of Bali are some of the popular places to visit in Bali and include the Kuluk Gallery, Studio Perak,and Bambooku. These draw tourists from all over the world, making Bali a paradise for shopaholics. Bali's markets, which are renowned for a wide range of products including beachwear, furniture, jewellery, handbags, and handicrafts, are always crowded.

Mount Batur
  • Start the day in a magical way by Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, an active volcano, and one of the best places in Bali.

  • Under the glowing balinese moonlight, you will begin this easy to moderate trek through spectacular scenery.

  • On reaching the top, discover the scenic views of the island shining in mist, and spend time with your loved one in nature's paradise.

  • Enjoy the sunrise from the sea to the terraced rice paddies as it surrounds Mount Agung in a golden orange halo.

  • Take advantage of the stunning mountainscapes while enjoying a delicious breakfast at the top

  • On your way down visit the artistic villages surrounding Kintamani renowned for their elaborate craftsmanship and skill in working with stone, wood, and silver.

Location: Located in the middle of two concentric calderas north of Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia

Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Explore one of Bali best tourist places, the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is the natural habitat of over 700 long-tailed macaques.

  • Walk on concrete paths through the forest, meet animals, and watch live Balinese performances and shows.

  • Spend a relaxing day with your family at Ubud's Monkey Forest. The attraction features ancient Balinese architecture and temples.

  • Meet the amusing residents of the forest, who are friendly, inquisitive, swing from one tree to another, eating bananas.

  • Capture stunning photographs of the monkeys for display.

Timing: Open Monday to Sunday 9 AM – 5 PMLocation: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Tanah Lot Temple
  • Amongst Bali famous places, Tanah Lot Temple, offers the most spellbinding offshore setting and gorgeous sunset views that make for a perfect romantic backdrop.

  • As you tour the temple, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the waves crashing against the cliffs.

  • Visit the temple and admire the unique rock formation that was formed over the years as a result of the constant crashing of waves.

  • Take a stroll through Tanah Lot's ancient history and learn about its religious beliefs while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

  • Visit the local market stalls located near the temple, which offer handmade trinkets and instruments, as well as textiles and other items.

  • Experience the changing colors of the sky against the backdrop of the ocean and take some beautiful photographs for a lasting memory.

Timing: Open 7 AM – 7 PMLocation: Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82121, Indonesia

Taman Ayun Temple
  • One of the prime tourist attractions in Bali is the Taman Ayun temple that is a major landmark and temple in the Mengwi village
  • Enter through the Bale Pengubengan, a gate decorated with nine Hindu gods guarding the Dewata Nawa Sanga, a local term for the compass's nine points.
  • Find other local plants and flowers floating in the pond besides Lotuses, which are abundant and beautiful.
  • Enter the temple's courtyard and be awed by the temple's traditional Balinese architectural details.
  • Enter the eastern side of the temple to find a group of other temples known as Luhuring Purnama Temples.
  • Within the temple grounds, find a number of ponds that are beautifully decorated with water lilies.
  • Observe the religious and ceremonial functions in the temple's courtyards.Timing: Monday to Sunday 8 AM – 6:15 PMLocation: Jl. Ayodya No.10, Mengwi, Kec. Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia
Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
  • One of the legendary places to visit in Bali and UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site expectants, the 600-hectare Jatiluluwih rice fields are renowned for their exotic and dramatic landscapes.
  • Relax and take photos in this picture-perfect village at the foot of Batukaru Mountain's cool highlands.
  • Get treated to stunning views as you make your way along the winding route to Jatiluwih; the only site in the world where three rice harvests occur each year.
  • Take a stroll around the terraces, jump across rivers, and even enjoy a picnic lunch there.Location: Jalan Jatiluwih, Penebel, Tabanan, Bali 82152, Indonesia
Bali Swing
  • One of the key Bali best tourist places is the Bali swing where you can enjoy refreshing air and awe-inspiring views.

  • Swing for 33 feet, or around 10 metres, or 256 feet above the ground after receiving a complete training on swinging activity.

  • For an extra fee, take a picture of yourself swinging over the nicest vistas of Ubud, and the lush green trails of paddy from the swing.

  • At nests, you can try out different stances or just wander around the confusing forest.

Timing: Open Monday to Sunday 8 AM – 5 PMLocation: Jl. Dewi Saraswati No.7, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kec. Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80352, Indonesia

Goa Gajah Gianyar
  • Make time to visit the Goa Gajah Complex on your Bali vacation because it's both Hindu and Buddhist at the same time.
  • Check out this sacred site's ancient treasures, magnificent cave, and sacred bathing pools.
  • Feel thrilled to enter the cave's mouth-like entrance, which gives the illusion of entering an alien territory through the darkness.
  • Offer your prayers to Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, and Ganesha.
  • Witness each of the six spouts, held by a female figure, and providing holy water to two square bathing pools, adding to the place's holiness and appeal.
  • Take in the stunning scenery, which includes rice fields, gardens, and stone stairways leading to the Jungle Temple, Buddhist section, and the pristine Elephant River.Location: Bedulu, Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
  • Located on Lake Britain's shores, the largest Hindu Shaivite temple of Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, is one of the major places to visit in Bali.
  • Take a classic Indonesian boat ride through the lake to get to the temple, admiring the view of the surrounding mountains.
  • Browse the local markets within the Bedugul Temple and bring home a memento of your trip there!
  • Sample a traditional Balinese meal at the temple complex's in-house restaurant at the end of your visit to the temple.
  • Visit the temple complex and try parasailing, or water skiing, only two adventure sports available, after making your way across Beratan Lake.Timing: *Open Monday to Sunday 7 AM – 7 PM*Location: Danau Beratan, Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82191, Indonesia
Nusa Penida
  • Soak in some breathtaking views of the Bali Sea from the shores of Nusa Penida.
  • Get once-in-a-lifetime experience of snorkelling by diving underneath and gazing at the sea creatures and the unusual marine ecosystem.
  • Get up close and personal with the Bali Sea's famous manta rays, as well as some of the island's more unusual inhabitants, the Mola Mola.
  • On Nusa Penida's highest point, take a stroll up to the picturesque Teletubbies Hill, and catch mesmerising views of the Indian Ocean from here.
  • Ride through the hills of Nusa Penida on a thrilling Mountain Cycling Tour and take in the stunning scenery.
  • After you've taken in the delights of Sanur's reward yourself with a mouthwatering Indonesian lunch.Location: South-East of the Indonesian island Bali
Sekumpul Waterfall
  • One of the best places to visit in Bali is the Sekumpul Waterfall as offers a breathtaking view of seven waterfalls.
  • Forget about your worries, and unwind easily especially when you're in a place with clean, crisp air.
  • View two fallen waterfalls, on the hillside as well as the source of a waterfall, which is covered by green trees.
  • Soak in the beauty of the first waterfall that has only one cascade and is sourced from a mountain spring.
  • Marvel at the second waterfall that sways like a mosquito net but is sourced from a river.
  • Watch the water plunge down 80 meters and the lush trees will leave anyone awestruck and instantly in love with these waterfalls.Timing: Open 8 AM – 2 PM round the yearLocation: Northern mountains of Bali
WaterBom Waterpark
  • With your friends and family, head to one of the best places to visit in Bali, the Waterbom Waterpark for a day of fun and relaxation.
  • Let your heart skip a beat by trying rides such as the "Boomerang," which has a 20-metre drop.
  • Float through lush jungle and among exotic animals and plants as you relax in a large rubber tube in Lazy River.
  • Surf, skate, snowboard, or just relax with a cocktail in the flow rider's wave-like ocean of fun
  • Sample a wide variety of dishes, from fish fingers to siomay to Panettini to pineapple colada at restaurants like Bali Banana.
  • By taking on the Constrictor and The Climax water slides, you'll get a taste of the world's longest and steepest water slides, respectively.
  • Try out the park's thrilling rides, which include, among others, Pipe Line, Twin Racers, Double Twists,Lazy River, Super Bowl, Fast and Fierce, Green Vipers, Smash Down 20, and Boomerang.Timing: Open Monday to Sunday 10 AM – 5 PMLocation: Jl. Kartika Plaza, Tuban, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Garuda Wisnu
  • One of the iconic places to visit in Bali is the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park where you can indulge yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia.
  • Explore Indonesia's tallest statue and learn about Hindu mythology at the same time.
  • Learn more about Balinese culture by watching a traditional dance performance.
  • Taste authentic Balinese cuisine and take in the divinity of the place by attending festivals and performances that showcase Indonesian art.
  • Go back with a treasure trove of memories and a few unique souvenirs from the market to remember your trip.Timing: Open Monday to Sunday 9 AM – 8 PMLocation: Uluwatu St, Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80364, Indonesia
Nusa Lembongan
  • The tropical paradise of Nusa Lembongan is one of the best places to visit in Bali as it casts a spell with its pristine white sand beach.
  • Take a stroll around the rocky headland and into a cave to find a secluded beach that you'll most likely have all to yourself.
  • Look up at the Dream Beach cliffs to find some amazing cliff jumping spots
  • Visit Nusa Lembongan's southwest coast to find Devil's tear, an unusual cave pool on the edge of rocky cliffs.
  • In the middle of a low-tide sunset, follow the walkway to the tidal rock pools to capture stunning reflection photographs.
  • Peep over the edge of the cliff and watch the locals harvesting seaweed
  • See a manta ray gliding across the water's surface while snorkelling
  • At Cafe Pandan, you can enjoy a delicious meal, as well as an infinity pool, and sweeping beach views.Location: Located southeast of Bali, Indonesia
Bali Bird Park
  • Visit one of the prime Bali tourist attractions, the Bali Bird Park and witness the most beautiful collection of birds from Indonesia, South America, and Africa
  • Observe the enchanted free flight performances, such as Bali rainforest and Basic Instincts, showcasing Macaws, Cockatoos, Eagles, Kites, Owls, Falcons, etc.
  • Entertaining bird films are shown in a climate-controlled 4 Dimension Theatre.
  • Join the keeper in feeding the direct offspring of dinosaurs, the Komodo Dragons.
  • Make the most of the Guyu Guyu Corner that offers a photo opportunity with sociable cockatoos, macaws, wreathed hornbills, and an Eclectus parrot couple.
  • Behold the exquisiteness of the Papua Rainforest's assortment of rare Papua birds.
  • Feed the rainbow-colored lorries with nectar, toss fish to the pelicans, and meet the park's cocky avian celebrities.
  • Savour scrumptious local and international specialties in a pristine setting at the Bali Bird Park.Timing: *Open Monday to Sunday 9 AM – 5:30 PM*Location: Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu, Batubulan, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Best Markets in Bali

Guwang Art Market
  • The Bali tourist places include the classic Guwang Art Market that stuns shoppers with lesser crowds and its pleasant layout.
  • Pack your bags with traditional Balinese clothing, shirts, beachwear, cute sandals, and a wide range of handicrafts, paintings, and masks.
  • Stock up on wood carvings from the local stalls.
  • Choose from a wide range of outfits with colourful motifs and sarongs from Block-B on the right.
  • You can find a variety of flowers in the connecting lane between Block A and Block B, so you can buy them for traditional offerings and ceremonies.
  • Try some of the breakfast options and local snacks available at the food stalls lining the market's perimeter.
Kedonganan Fish Market
  • Kedonganan Fish Market is one of the traditional wet markets, and best southern Bali tourist places for locally caught seafood.
  • Stock up on with lobster, fishes, crabs, shrimps, and other sea harvests from Bali's largest fresh seafood market.
  • It's a good idea to use this market if you're planning on using your in-villa kitchenette or hiring a chef to prepare a private barbecue for you and your loved ones.
  • Sample grilled fish on-site is available for reasonable prices, as the smells of both raw and grilled seafood mix harmoniously.
Sukawati Art Market
  • One of the significant Bali tourist places has to be the long-standing and most distinguished art market of Sukawati.
  • Splurge on souvenirs and knick-knacks to remember your trip to Bali and share it with family and friends.
  • Look at the brightly coloured stacks of paintings and other items for sale in the market to get a sense of the city's architectural style.
  • Choose from an array of locally made goods, including everything from weaving, paintings and jewellery to other traditional items.
  • Explore the Ground Level section to find all kinds of clothing, sarongs, and traditional fabrics.
  • Shop for a wide variety of oils and aromatherapy products at the back of the market, including incense sticks, scented candles, and many others.
  • Fill your bags with items for the home and daily necessities at these stores.
Ubud Art Market
  • Ubud Art Market is a daily market situated right opposite the Royal Ubud Palace and is one of the popular Bali tourist places.
  • Here, you can find beachwear, shirts, and skirts with the word "Bali" printed on them, as well as Balinese-style paintings and wood carvings.
  • Shop for typical Ubud curios that include quadruple-colored bohemian satin skirts, quilt-stitched batik camisoles, Moroccan-style oil lamps, and brass Buddha statuettes.
  • Fill your bags with lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, kites, silk hats, scarves, and other handcrafted items.
The Flea Market Seminyak
  • Visit the enormous Flea Market which is one of the prime tourist attractions in Bali.
  • Here you'll find everything from shoes to clothing and handbags.
  • Shop for excellent beach and summer collections besides great quality leather goods.
  • Shop for souvenirs, gifts, and accessories to give to your loved ones back home as a token of your gratitude.
Pasar Ubud

Pasar Ubud is one of the key tourist attractions in Bali while being a famous market.Silk scarves, handwoven bags, baskets, and hats are among the many items available here for purchase.At this market, you can buy goods from Pengosekan, Payangan, Peliatan, and Tegallalang which are all neighbouring villages of Bali.Pick up Bali-inspired keepsakes and mementos from this marketplace. Pasar Ubud

Discover the best beaches in Bali

Jimbaran Beach
  • Visit the spectacular coastline of Jimbaran Beach, a top spot for shopping and seafood restaurants, which is one of the striking places to see in bali.

  • Enjoy the breathtaking sunset and the soothing sound of the waves hitting the shoreline as the sun sets.

  • Take a stroll with your partner through the dense greenery, there are no surf waves, and the beach is quite clean and beautiful.

  • Grab a bite of the morning's catch of clams, snapper, crabs, squid or lobster and then sink your toes into the sand.

  • Take advantage of the calm sea and white sand as you enjoy the perfect form of relaxation.

Nusa Dua Beach
  • Nusa Dua Beach is one of the iconic Bali tourist spots because of its azure waters, whitesand and water sport opportunities
  • Indulge your senses by being splashed with water as the Indian Ocean waves crash against the rock wall.
  • Ride the camels and take in the stunning scenery that surrounds you, making you feel like a king or queen.
  • At the Nusa Dua Beach Grill café, savour Balinese cuisine as a lunchtime treat.
  • In order to relish underwater views of Serangan Island, take a short glass-bottom boat ride.
  • Relax with a spa treatment.
  • Snorkel in the Indian Ocean's pristine waters to get up close and personal with the stunning coral reefs and wide variety of colourful marine creatures.
  • Flyboard across the ocean, gliding effortlessly on the water's surface.
  • Be a sea walker and can get up close and personal with the awe-inspiring marine life found in this region.
Kuta Beach
  • Kuta Beach, one of the Bali best places to visit as this exciting and popular tourist destination has everything a beach should have.

  • When the waves are just right, indulge in thrilling water sports like scuba diving and surfing.

  • Catch a glimpse of the sky at sunrise and sunset when the colours of the sky are most vibrant.

  • See Bali's best nightlife after the sun goes down at Kuta Beach.

  • Sample international and Balinese cuisine from several restaurants and cafes along the beach.

  • Visit the local marketplace and shopping centres that surround this well-known tourist destination.

Uluwatu Beach
  • One of the most splendid Bali attractions has to be the Uluwatu Beach that is popular for watching sunset and surfing.
  • Spend your days surfing, taking in the stunning sunsets, and having a good time because the area has so many different coastlines to choose from.
  • Enjoy Thomas beach all to yourself with its white sand and crystal clear waters.
  • Follow a few concrete steps to the Suluban Beach, and find a slew of cliff top bars and cafes to celebrate.
Legian Beach
  • Legian Beach is one of Bali famous places because of its expansive shoreline, fine textured sand, and cleanliness similar to that of Kuta Beach.
  • Relax on the parasol-protected sun loungers while ordering iced drinks, from the beach kiosks.
  • Get an energizing massage from the roaming beach masseuses and buy items from vendors.
  • Since this gentle coast has the sandy beach breaks you can ride the waves hopping on a surfboard.
  • In the luxury resorts here you can take advantage of the calmer waters, crashing surf, and stunning sunsets.
  • Shop for souvenirs from the small art galleries on the Legian Beach boardwalk.
Seminyak Beach
  • Enjoy the sunny, breezy and cool atmosphere of Seminyak Beach which is one of the beautiful places to see in bali

  • Get your share of vitamin D as you sunbathe on the golden sands.

  • Enjoy the sunset over Seminyak beach, where the sky is painted in a stunning array of blues, pinks, and oranges as the sun sets.

  • Relax on the beach while soaking up the sun or taking a dip in the crystal-clear sea.

  • At the Seminyak beach, there is a top-notch spa where you can relax and unwind.

  • Indulge in a romantic seaside photo shoot with a horse and your partner.

  • Indulge in breathtaking ocean views while touring the beautiful villas, resorts, and boutique hotels that line the shore.

Places to Experience Bali Nightlife

Dinner at Chedi Club

The Chedi Club in Bali is one of the many tourist attractions in Bali that you cannot miss as it has been offering the first hot air balloon rides in the island's history. You get to See Mount Agung and the surrounding countryside from a vantage point 50 metres above the ground, paddy fields swaying in the breeze, and blooming flowers.

With an open-air restaurant perched on the edge of a vast expanse of lush greenery, the dinner itself is a unique and unforgettable experience. It's impossible to overstate the importance of using fresh herbs and vegetables to enhance the flavour of any dish. Taking this ride is a great way to get a taste of Bali's nightlife

Sunset Dinner Cruise

A dinner cruise at sunset is a great way to take in the nightlife of Bali, as you get to enjoy a leisurely cruise on Benoa Harbour with the sun setting in the background.

You enjoy a sumptuous international buffet dinner while listening to live music with other on-board activities including an exotic dance show; a comedy cabaret, classic Balinese dance performances, and more.

In addition, there is a large open dance floor for you to enjoy. Unlike any other experience in Bali, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Finns Beach Club

Located right on the beach, Finns Beach Club is one of Bali’s best nightlife destinations. With a swim-up bar and a 41-metre oceanfront infinity pool, there are three pools to choose from.

The all-day menu features local, international, and fusion cuisines, as well as a sushi bar dedicated solely to sushi. In total, there are five restaurants on the property. Every day, starting at 4 p.m., the venue's resident DJs take over the booths and play lounge and EDM tunes.

There are few better tourist attractions in Bali to watch the sunset than from one of the magnificent bamboo structures placed here.

Club Med

Club Med is one of the top tourist attractions in Bali, and all-inclusive resorts in Asia. As a family-friendly spot and an adult-only hangout, the property excels on both counts.

This beautiful beachfront property transforms into one of the most exciting nightlife destinations in Bali once the sun goes down. Most nights begin with some sort of theatrical or acrobatic performance to set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Pool parties, bar parties, and beach parties all take place at the same time. This is one of Bali's most popular nightlife destinations, thanks to the abundance of alcohol, fireworks, live music, and a fun atmosphere.

Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre

Using acrobatics, illusions, traditional puppets, brilliant light and sound play, and conventional objects as props, this 90-minute show combines the best of traditional dance with the best of modern dance to tell a story on stage like no other before it.

It is impossible to look away from the Devdan Show as it takes you on a journey through Indonesia's diverse culture. You'll want to relive the exhilarating experience of seeing live performances by talented artists at this festival. Experiment with a new kind of nightlife at this show!

Places to Visit in Bali FAQs

Which are the best beaches in Bali?

Kuta:Kuta Beach is one of the perfect places to visit in Bali to get away from it all and relax in peace and quiet, far from the city’s noise. And, if you are a surfer, you will be able to take advantage of a number of resort-style sports clubs in the area.*Nusa Dua: *All 4- and 5-star resorts in a gated community make up the beachfront of Nusa Dua, one of Bali's best surfing spots. Many water sports can be enjoyed nearby at Tanjung Beach, thanks to the location.*Sanur: *Sanur Beach, in fact, has become one of the popular places to visit in Bali besides being a top notch surfing destination. Several water sports clubs can be found near the beach area, ranging from stand-up paddle boarding to Sea Walking.

Which are some of the popular restaurants in Bali?

Swept Away: Swept Away is one of Bali's most romantic restaurants, nestled on the banks of the River Ayung. When a couple requests, the restaurant sets up a romantic candlelight dinner which is held on the banks of the river, surrounded by the glow of a hundred candles.Tugu Bali: Guests of the Hotel Tugu Bali can enjoy one of the island's most romantic dining experiences. On an antique 18th-century bed set up by the sea, guests can enjoy a full gourmet meal by candlelight at the Aphrodisiac Picnic.Room4Dessert: If you're a fan of desserts, this desert-themed restaurant of Room 4 Desserts, is for you. The late-night eatery is known for its innovative desserts, which are paired with an impressive selection of beverages

What is the best month to go to Bali?

April and May are the best months to visit Bali because they fall just before and after peak season. When compared to the high season in June-August, the island is less crowded and more affordable. This time of year is also known for its mild weather, with only a few rainy days thrown in for good measure.

What is Bali famous for?

The island of Bali is known for its sea temples, volcanoes, coral reefs, beautiful beaches, and lush rice paddies. Travelers, cyclists, hikers, and surfers flock to this Indonesian island for its renowned swells, breathtaking volcanic peaks, and jaw-dropping waterfalls, as well as lush greenery filled with classic hamlets and rice terraces. Stunning sea temples, delicious food, a thriving art scene, variety of shopping options, and energising spa treatments are just a few of the reasons tourists flock to Bali.

Which waterfalls can I see in Bali?

Tegenungan: Tegenungan Waterfall is one of the pristine places to visit in Bali tucked away in the lush vegetation of Bali. You can take a refreshing dip in the enormous pool created by the fall when you visit this waterfall.Gitgit: Bali's Git-Git Waterfall is one of the most panoramic places to visit in Bali which can be reached via a short hike into the wild. This trek adds a special touch because it is nothing short of a rejuvenating walk through nature.Aling Aling: Aling-Aling Waterfall is tucked away in a narrow ledge of rock, making it an ideal spot for a romantic outing with your special someone.

Which are the best things to do in Ubud at Night?

Watch traditional dance at Ubud Palace: One of the regal places to visit in Bali at night is the Royal Palace as nightly cultural performances by dancers in elaborate and beautiful costumes add to the excitement of visitors to the palace.Groove to live music at Laughing Buddha Bar: *One of the popular places to visit in Bali is the Laughing Buddha bar, which can be found in the Ubud Monkey Forest. All of the best bands in the city are here, playing everything from rock to fusion to jazz to blues to world music and even some of the best local music.*Catch a movie at Paradiso: If you're a vegan in the mood for a movie, Paradiso café in Ubud is a great choice. Guests at café Paradiso can enjoy a delicious vegan meal while relaxing on their recliners, and watching a movie.

Which are the best places to visit in Kuta at night?

BeachWalk Mall: An excursion to BeachWalk Mall can be a real treat for shopaholics, as you can find everything from traditional Balinese clothing to well-known international brands. Evening visitors can take advantage of the gardens and the nearby seafront. The mall is also home to a number of excellent restaurants.Night market Nusa Dua: A night shopping tour of Kuta's Nusa Dua neighbourhood is a fun way to spend an evening in Kuta. Visitors can partake in traditional Indonesian activities such as shopping for Balinese clothing and spices and watching a traditional dance performance.Sky Bar Garden: Sky Bar Garden is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a good time with friends and a good DJ. It's a popular hangout for DJs from both the United States and around the world. In addition, tourists can dine on the rooftops of some of Kuta's most popular restaurants and enjoy the nightlife to the fullest.

Which are the famous temples to visit in Seminyak?

Besakih: Besakih is one of the oldest temples and places to visit in Bali, which is known to be a picturesque location for pre- and post-wedding photo shoots. You can easily get some great photos to post on social media to boast about your trip.Ulun Danu Bratan: Bali's most beautiful temple, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, is situated in the middle of a vast lake. With the Bedugul Mountains as a backdrop, the temple is sure to stun you.Goa Gajah: There are traditional Balinese designs carved into the mouth of the cave temple Goa Gajah, which dates back to the 9th century. This temple found in Ubud, Bali, is one of the breathtaking places to visit in Bali that offers views of the island's flora and fauna.Tanah Lot: Located in the middle of an emerald-green sea, the rock-cut temple of Tanah Lot is one of the impressive places to visit in Bali, because of its arresting and mesmerising appearance.

What kind of nightlife can I experience in Seminyak?

Potato Head: If you're looking to relax in Seminyak, look no further than Potato Head Beach Club. Three restaurants are available at this beach club, each serving a variety of cuisines, including seafood, continental fare, and Indonesian fare. Red Ruby: There is a wide variety of music to choose from, including jazz and blues on the outdoor terrace, electronic music, house, and more in Red Ruby Club. One can relax on the terrace here with friends over a drink or two while chatting about the day's events and the night's festivities.Motel Mexicola: The Mexican bar cum restaurant Motel Mexicola hosts House parties with Latin music and if you're lucky, you might be able to attend one of these events.Zibiru: Zibiru Restaurant is renowned for its delicious Italian fare, and is a great place to dine out at night. It has a live band and a starlit dinner to further enhance your evenings.

What kind of nightlife can I experience in Jimbaran?

Rock bar: One of the most prominent places to visit in Bali bars is the Rock Bar which is an essential stop for visitors to Bali. You'll get a taste of Jimbaran's nightlife here thanks to the music and the signature cocktails, amidst stunning ocean views.Smoqee Lounge and Sky Bar: It's no surprise that Smoqee Lounge and Sky Bar is one of the trendiest places to visit in Bali as the relaxing Lounge adheres to the 80s and 90s trends. You can shake your leg to the retro songs while enjoying a scenic sunsetSingle fin: One of the hippest places to visit in Bali is Single Fin that once used to be a popular hangout for surfers of all kinds. On weekends you can now come here for quick meals like pizza, pasta, and Coca Colas.Jimbaran Beach Club: Dine at one of the distinguished places to visit in Bali, Jimbaran beach club where you can sip a cocktail or martini at the adjacent shack bar, besides a variety of cuisines.


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