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Best Beaches in Bali


It is one of the best beaches in Bali with beach bars present in every corner; hotels and restaurants just at a walking distance and beach clubs omnipresent. This is known all over for having different activities for every age group to indulge in and is considered the most family-friendly beach for the same. Seminyak stands out from the other beaches chiefly because of the crowd it attracts, its magnificent dark sand, dramatic waves and most importantly the international artists who come to perform there at its night-life spots.


This beach attracts a large number of scuba-divers each year to swim into its crystal-clear waters. There are several Bays located on this beach and one of them is the Jemeluk Bay, which is known for its dramatic sunrises. Its entire shoreline is covered with boutique hotels, guesthouses, infinity pools, warungs-small stalls, yoga lessons and diving schools offering people enough to cover their days with. There, it’s all about dozing, dining and diving with vast reefs present in every nook and corner making the landscape even more picturesque.


All Bali beaches are magnificent but not all of them are called Dreamland Beaches. This one called Surfers Paradise is a haven for surfers all over due to its sky high tides. On the other hand, Pandawa and Belangan beaches offer deep sea diving, scuba diving, rafting, wake sliding, jetpacking and boat riding too. To top it all, around sunset you can enjoy that day’s fresh sea-food barbecued for you at your beach table in Jimbaran

Nusa Dua

If a natural shower by the waves is on your bucket-list or experiencing camel safaris on the beach side is on it, then this beach is for you. Take a glass-bottom boat to Serangan Island, a.k.a. Turtle Island in glass bottom boats and view the marine life right underneath your feet. This is one the best beaches in Bali which even installs the night shopping market, underwater scooter rides, parasailing, sea walking, water ski, and even flyboarding.


Legian is a newbie in comparison with other Bali beaches and has got a very tranquil, low-key and soothing vibe. People who are new to surfing enjoy the low intensity of waves here and it makes for a very good practice place. Only some of the beaches in Bali organize clubbing, rave parties, DJ nights and in order to attend those events, this beach should certainly be on your list.


This is one of those beaches in Bali that go by the name of Surfers Paradise as the waves are so high that only professionals can practice here. The beaches in Bali where people fly kites are far and few in between, and Kuta is one of them where these Balinese kites are animal-shaped. Moreover, one can also witness salt farming being practiced here and people taking away those little salt packets as souvenirs.


Bias Tugel (white sand) Beach is a secluded beach hidden between humongous caves and as the name suggests, it is infamous because of the white sand it's covered in. These are those beaches in Bali which have been featured in the movies; in this case ‘Eat, Pray,Love’ is the film starring Julia Roberts. It’s considered a tropical travel location with relaxing waters which makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling purposes.

Mushroom Bay

Crystal blue waters, shallow landscape and a peaceful environment is what this beach in Bali offers.The tales of the name of this beach are way too many and make-up for interesting stories to be heard by the locals. Mushroom Bay like other Bali beaches offers activities too but is mostly known for the solitude that it offers amongst its towering waves which dramatically contrast its volcanic black sand neighbors.


If swimming and snorkeling with sharks is your idea of fun, then this beach is a must must-visit for you. Dive in with the sharks, caress the turtles, get as close to the marine as humanly possible. Sanur is abundant with water activities like cruising, diving, sea walking, kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing and sea kayaking too. It’s also considered a must-visit to view the sunrises and people often cycle all the way to the beach in order to catch those gorgeous glimpses of the sun there.

Pasir Putih

Pasir Putih is a less-touristy spot and hence goes by other names too like Virgin Beach or White Sand Beach. It was very famous earlier as a mooring spot for local fishing boats. Nowadays though, it is lined up with cafes and sunbathing experiences that are sure to leave its visitors mesmerized. Pasir Putih is a hard to locate (off-the-path) beach with mostly only the road-trippers making their way there. It is also an excellent place to snorkel and swim as it’s pretty unexplored so far.

Tanjung Benoa

This is Bali’s water sports playground as it offers the chance to go zip-lining across the waves or jet skiing over them. If your adventurous spirit still doesn’t suffice then, you can even gain a bird’s eye-view of the peninsula from a speed boat-towed parasail. Apart from water activities, relaxation therapies such as massages with natural and regional oils and spas with hot/cold water are a must-avail service here and are their specialty.


Bingin is one of the most demanded surfing points across all Bali beaches. They offer a very boho vibe and everything is mostly made with recycled wood. An activity you surely should not miss out upon is: taking a walk along the coral riff for a breath-taking experience along the shoreline. It offers spectacular ocean views and is a favorite spot for photography enthusiasts who keep the place busy.


What is the nicest beach in Bali?

Seminyak Beach is the nicest beach in Bali. This 5km stretch of golden sand is filled with bars, clubs, restaurants, cozy bean bags and even staying options.

Are there white sand beaches in Bali?

Seminyak Beach, Samur Beach, Pasir Putih Beach, Balangan Beach and Bingin Beach are all white sand beaches. They all are a perfect spot for trying out water sports, chilling and relaxing and also offer a diverse set of activities, beverages and food options.

Can you swim in Bali beaches?

Yes, most beaches in Bali are safe enough for visitors to swim. Yet, however, you should just look out for red flags on beaches; red flags mean no swimming, and yellow and red flags indicate the presence of a lifeguard which means that you can swim there.

What is the best time to visit beaches in Bali?

The best months to visit Bali are April to October as there is moderate rainfall and the temperature is dry and windy making it ideal for surfing and other water sports.

Are beaches in Bali worth visiting?

Yes, every beach in Bali offers a specialty that cannot be experienced anywhere else on this planet. From DJ nights to sea-food sunsets to experiencing solitude in plain sight. It's got one beach for every need and every kind. Bali offers a vacation that people beg to repeat and thus, it shouldn’t be missed at any cost.


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