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Don Antonio Blanco Museum Overview

Located in Ubud, Don Antonio Blanco Museum is a grand home-cum-studio of the renowned artist Don Antonio Blanco. Overlooking the Campuhan River, this museum celebrates the vibrant life and baroque work of Philippines-born Spanish artists through different artworks of Blanco and his son Mario. The highlight of the museum is its architecture and the confluence of the Spanish and Indonesian cultures. In this museum, you will discover a collection of paintings from different stages of Blanco’s career.

On your arrival at the Don Antonio Blanco Museum Bali, you will come across a gallery that displays all the work of Antonio and a studio that is engulfed with gorgeous paintings that have been its part since the artist painted it. Some of the other features that you can explore in the museum are the amphitheater, family temple, gift shop, and cafe. Tourists from across the world visit this place to witness his great masterpieces of art, including My Castle of Dreams and Ni Bawang (The Cinderella of Bali).

Explore Don Antonio Blanco Museum


In the Don Antonio Blanco Museum, you will find the quote, “A thing of Beauty is a joy forever” painted on the adjacent wall of the gallery. This quote is a reminder to the visitors of how this gallery has been a witness of the magnificence of the arts by the family of Antonio Blanco. However, if you visit the museum in the present times, you will see a tiny world of Antonio Blanco in the museum that consisted of both the works of the artist and Mario.


On your visit to Antonio Blanco’s studio in the museum, you will discover the brushes scattered all over, and the walls are largely engulfed with beautiful paintings and Beethoven symphonies. Each of these displays creates an atmosphere in the studio that is representative of the artist creating his works of art. When you enter the studio, you will see everything placed exactly the same as it was when the artist painted it. The memory of Antonio is still intact in the museum and it has become the working place of his only son, Mario.


The Don Antonio Blanco Museum Bali also features an amphitheater that has been constructed for Antonio’s oldest daughter named Tjempaka as an appreciation for her remarkable performance. His daughter was an actress, a dancer, and a model in several paintings by the artist. The amphitheater is completely renovated in modern times for the revival of the Balinese performing arts. You will soon see Balinese dramas and dances in the amphitheater of the Blanco Renaissance Museum.

Family Temple

In Bali, temples are considered to be places where the Almighty God visits the celestial bodies to interact with the community of individuals on earth. It is the epitome of the visible and invisible worlds of Balinese life. In the temple, you will discover a sequence of gates that segregates the place into courtyards with particular functions. Each of these courtyards houses different structures which perform the duties of the temple and give meaning to the activities in the temple ceremony.

Gift Shop

The Don Antonio Blanco Museum includes a gift that sells a vast assortment of Asian artifacts to suit the tastes and preferences of an individual. Remaining open every day throughout the year, the shop offers special handmade ceramic teapots and glass platters, with the logo of Renaissance on them. If you want to give someone a piece of clothing, you can purchase shirts and silk scarves from the shop. You will get a fair deal on all the items in both US dollars and Rupiah.


After entirely exploring the museum, the visitors can pay a visit to the cafe in the museum to relax and chill in the Balinese atmosphere. In this cafe, you will get a delicious range of Asian and European menus and snacks, including the Balinese traditional meals.

Masterpieces of Don Antonio Blanco Museum

Ni Bawang (The Cinderella of Bali)

Although the stories of Cinderella are available in different forms in the world, the museum has its own version named Ni Bawang or The Cinderella of Bali. This masterpiece took inspiration from the legendary story of Cinderella. According to the story, there were four ugly-looking and egotistical girls, in which the stepmother does not like her fourth daughter Cindrella and continues to bring trouble into her life. Owing to the trouble, Cinderella left home and embraced the mountain, where she made friends with the majestic birds that sprinkled gifts of gold, diamonds, and love on her. In the end, Cinderella married the handsome Prince and they lived happily ever after.

Eve's Apple is Still Intact

Another remarkable masterpiece in Don Antonio Blanco Museum is Eve’s Apple is Still Intact, which is an oil painting on canvas created with plenty of geometric shapes and patterns. Created in 1967, this nude-colored and covered painting with a horizontal oval is so unique and it would have looked different if the figure would have been a square, rectangle, or in an upright position. The highlight of this painting is the girl with an apple and the glass flask between her femur. Thus, it purely represents one of the other fantasies of Antonio Blanco.

My Castle of Dreams

My Castle of Dreams is another one in the Antonio Blanco collection, which displayed his self-portrait in the middle of the Shangri La. In the painting, you can see a blue-colored vase that is said to be a figure of the model from Ancient Cathay that looks like a woman with beautiful paintings and gongs in the backdrop. It also includes a romantic chandelier in the place of the moon that enhances the overall look of the painting even further.

Odalisque (A Corner in the Blanco Studio)

Odalisque is one of the paintings in the collection of Don Antonio Blanco Museum, which represents a Rajah maintaining his mistresses in the palace. The apparent clutter on the painting is symbolic of the Greek suggestion to create a masterpiece that requires an asymmetrical balance which is more than just a Balance. Thus, this suggestion has been timely tested by the artist and reflected in his work of art.

Balinese Dancer

Balinese Dancer is yet another masterpiece in the Don Antonio Blanco Museum that is a representation of light, youth, and entertainment. As the name suggests, you can discover a Balinese dancer in the painting who carried an incense burner in her right hand which he has been rising upwards to offer the fragrance to the Gods of Bali. The offering is made according to the melodious tunes of the Gamelan cascading arabesque of sound in the temple dance of the Pendet.

Bali Girl Oil on canvas

Bali Girl Oil on Canvas is a painting that forms a significant part of Antonio Blanco’s permanent collection. It is a remarkable art piece that has been bought by the artist when its collector needed money. In this painting, you will spot a brown-skinned girl from Bali flaunting a rainbow-colored turban on her head. However, it has been placed in a frame in Blanco’s design.

History of Don Antonio Blanco Museum

Opened to the general public on December 28, 1998, Don Antonio Blanco Museum showcases the life and dreams of Antonio Blanco, which has been transformed from the former home of the artist. Situated on the forbidding hilltops of the Campuhan, Ubud, the museum represented the rococo charm that reflects on the image of the Balinese world through the eyes of Blanco. The museum was built in the loving memory of his beloved wife, where he displayed his beautiful works of art. The museum features a giant green Italian marble archway standing at a height of 15 meters at the front steps of the entrance that has been gorgeously bordered by two giant mythical stone dragons.

Constructed on 20000 square meters of land, the museum was divided into three stories that represent the Upper, Middle, and the Lower world in the Balinese faith, where everyone including Gods, Men, and Demons has a significant place. Thus, the Upper story of the museum consisted of all the abstract works of the artist. You will find the poetry of the artist Antonio Blanco can be found in the Middle World of the museum, i.e., on the second floor. Therefore, Don Antonio Blanco Museum Bali is the ultimate example, where the artist gave wings to his fantasies and created a unique world of his own.

Plan Your Visit

Essential Information
Best Time to Visit & Visitor's Tips
  • Opening Hours:

9 am to 5 pm

  • Location:

Jl. Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia.

  • How To Reach:

Situated in the suburb of Metro Manila, Don Antonio Blanco Museum is in Angono, which is around 17 miles from the city center. You can take the MRT line 3 to EDSA Crossing, and then pick up a van, bus, shared taxi, or jeepney to reach Angono. From there, you can hop on the tricycle-sidecar that will take you to the Don Antonio Blanco Museum.

Best Time to Visit

Since Don Antonio Blanco Museum Bali remains open throughout the year, there is no particular best time to visit the attraction. However, it is advisable to visit the attraction early in the morning to avoid the rush of crowds in the afternoon and get a chance to explore the museum at your own pace.

Visitor's Tips

  1. If you are in awe of the naïve art, folk art, and culture of the Philippines, you will love the gorgeous artworks in the Don Antonio Blanco Museum.
  2. There is no family relation between Blanco and Don Antonio Blanco, the subject of the museum since it is a common surname in the Philippines.
  3. The Blanco family takes their research very seriously as they travel the 700-odd islands of the archipelago to search for the best cultural activities to document in the museum.


Is the Don Antonio Blanco Museum worth visiting?

Yes, Don Antonio Blanco Museum is definitely worth visiting for you will find some of the best paintings created by the great artist Antonio Blanco of his beloved wife. Each of these paintings is beautifully decorated on the walls of his self-designed mansion which has been converted into a museum.

What is the best time to visit The Blanco Renaissance Museum?

Since The Blanco Renaissance Museum is a popular tourist destination and remains open throughout the year, there is no particular best time to visit the attraction. However, as far as the time of the day is concerned, it is advisable to visit The Blanco Renaissance Museum early in the morning to avoid large crowds in the afternoon.

What are the visiting hours for Don Antonio Blanco Museum?

The visiting hours for Don Antonio Blanco Museum are between 9 am and 5 pm every day throughout the year, including on public holidays.

How long do you need for your visit to The Blanco Renaissance Museum?

You will need at least 1.5 to 2 hours to visit and explore The Blanco Renaissance Museum. Within this time frame, you can witness a vast collection of artworks, montages, and delineated verse in the museum. You can also see some of the most notable fine arts works of Antonio Blanco, including the naked Balinese women.

From where can you book your tickets for Don Antonio Blanco Museum?

You can book tickets for Don Antonio Blanco Museum Bali either from our website. It is advisable to book the tickets online in advance to avoid the inconvenience of missing out on the opportunity of visiting the attraction due to large crowds.

What is the best way to book Don Antonio Blanco Museum tickets?

The best way to book Don Antonio Blanco Museum Bali tickets is through online mode. By booking your tickets online in advance, you can eliminate the hassle of standing in long queues at the ticket counter and get direct access to the attraction. It is a convenient method to book tickets to the attraction from the comfort of your own home and get access to the best deals and discounts that come along with an online booking facility.


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