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The Bali Swing is a set of 12 swings that allow you to swing over exotic locales while feeling as if you are floating over the clouds. Some swings pass across valleys, some pass through waterfalls, and many others pass through canyons, hence providing an exciting experience. Swinging high above valleys, paddy fields, waterfalls, and massive mountain cliffs is one of the most stunning experiences, providing a full adrenaline rush. That is why people from all over the world travel to try this thrilling ride and partake in this once-in-a-lifetime event.To make your Bali expedition a memorable one, you should definitely try the most talked about Bali swing experience. Hanging above the ground at treacherous heights and overlooking the never-ending Balinese jungles adorned with aviary and water bodies, the Bali swing is worth the hype. No matter how wild these swings seem, an experience over them will definitely make you admire and marvel at the nature surrounding us. These swings come at various heights ranging from 15 metres up until 78 metres. With utmost safety precautions and under expert guidance, tourists can have a time of their lives at Bali Swing.The best time to visit Bali Swing is during the early hours of opening. Due to its popularity, this attraction receives a heavy crowd and long queues. Avoid the long queues and enjoy a relaxing swinging experience by visiting the Bali swing during early morning hours. Enjoy the easy breeze of Bali and marvel at the wilderness of rainforests below your feet and take home a bucket full of memories from your Bali Swing Ubud experience.

Bali Swing Tickets Explained

About the Activity
Timings & Inclusions
  • Enjoy exciting Bali vacation packages which come inclusive of Bali Swing Tickets when booking online with instant and hassle free confirmation and make unparalleled memories with your loved ones.
  • Enjoy the Balinese jungles from a height of 78 metres above the ground and marvel at the Tegenungan waterfalls on the Bali Swing which ranges from 15 metres up to 78 metres.
  • Click exhilarating pictures at this top-notch instagrammable hotspot and get quirky with your poses.
  • Enjoy a fun yet adrenaline pumping swinging experience high in the sky and relax in the easy breeze of Bali’s humid climate.

Take part in one of the most thrilling activities to fly over the clouds crossing the valleys and passing by the waterfalls on the Bali swing. It is very well known to provide an exciting experience swinging high above valleys, rice fields, waterfalls, and massive mountain cliffs is an incredible adrenaline rush. Bali Swing features a humongous swing perched at a height of 78 metres above the ground and captures the entire panorama of Balinese jungles, its bewitching aviary, pristine and sparkling waterfalls and iridescent rice paddies as far as your eyes can see. Tourists can easily book Bali Swing Tickets online and enjoy exquisite offers on it. Get hassle free transportation and enjoy the swinging activity with safety precautions. Don't forget to enjoy the exhilarating views on Bali's infamous Tukad Cempung and Tegenungang waterfalls and make splendid memories to last a while.


Daily- 8am - 5pm


Bali Swing Ubud package comes with an easy and hassle free transport from your accommodation to the attraction. You will be guided on the safety precautions, post which you will get to enjoy the exhilarating Bali Swing at a menacing height of 33 feet above the ground. Enjoy unparalleled views of the serene jungles, exquisite waterfalls and marvel at nature’s best.Tourists will be dropped back at their accommodations post the excursion.

Swings in Bali

Swings are considered to be one of the most iconic things to do in Bali. Tourists can participate in swinging adventures suspended from 15 metres above a tranquil stretch of rice fields and verdant nature while on the amazing Alas Haram swing. Enjoy a variety of other activities, such as zip lining, while sipping on the world-famous Luwak coffee.We also propose that you go to the Aloha Ubud swing, which is positioned high above the Bali forest and offers panoramic views of the Ubud countryside. This attraction, which was one of the first swings in Bali, continues to provide the best panoramic experience for all of its visitors.Finally, the unmistakable allure of Bali swing and Lekaja Bali swing will entice you to visit.

Zen Hideaway Ubud

Hidden away from the hustle of the city, the serene Zen Hideaway Ubud is the perfect escape for a swinging rendition. Up on humongous heights of 20 metres, this swinging spot features panoramic views of the entire stretch of Ayung River and Agung mountain ranges. It is sure to give you an instant adrenaline pump as it gets faster with every push. Post your swinging expedition, don't forget to explore the serenity of Ayung river and indulge in a rafting experience on its fast flowing and rocky streams. The best time to visit Zen Hideaway Ubud is during early morning hours to avoid the tourist rush and long queues and enjoy the exquisite views at their best.

Aloha Ubud Swing

Rated as a popular photography spot by tourists, Aloh Ubud Swing continues to be one of the best swings in Bali for its myriad of picturesque hotspots overlooking the lush infamous Tegalalang rice paddies and Balinese jungles. The swing here ranges from 10-60 metres and is the perfect spot for all your vacation pictures. Post your swinging expedition, it is highly recommended to explore the rest of the aloha theme park. Walk through the dense Luwak coffee plantations and sip on some of the most delicious coffees you will ever have. The Aloha park features another intriguing picturesque spot which are its gigantic bird nests. Perched at stunning heights, these nests are a topnotch spot to rejuvenate and relish over the ethereal landscapes.

Uma Paykel Swing

What makes Uma Paykel Swing one of the most visited Bali swing Ubud is its untouched natural landscapes that you can relish upon whilst swinging on the gigantic swings. Tucked away from the crowded city life, this Bali swing promises you a rejuvenating time amidst the viridescent Balinese landscape and its infamous Tegalalang rice paddies.Tourists can also relax on the colossal bird nests, away from the tropical sun and take in the unbelievable beauty of the sparkling streams and lush paddies from the bird's eye. The best time to enjoy this attraction is during early morning hours to avoid the rush.

Alas Harum Swing

Look for Bali Swing Tickets to reserve a spot at Alas Harum Swing for an unforgettable swinging experience. Another popular scenic site where you may enjoy couple swinging, extreme swinging, or super extreme swinging adventures. For those adrenaline addicts, this attraction also offers sky biking activities, which provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Alas Harum is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination where you may marvel at Luwak coffee estates and sample their incredibly tasty drinks. Enjoy their thrilling zipline adventure, which will whisk you through dense flora and nature at breakneck speeds.

LeeKaja Bali Swing

Located at a distance of 20 kilometres from Central Bali, the Leekaja Bali swing is the recent addition to the Bali swing family. This attraction features a gigantic swing perched beside a hill top and promises you an unforgettable panorama like no other. It also features extreme river rafting challenges which are a must try for all adrenaline junkies.Zipline is another excruciating yet exhilarating outdoor activity to try here. Tucked amidst the coco palms and stunning trees, this Bali swing is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the easy breeze and light tropical weather of the Indonesian paradise.

Terrace River Pool Swing

When it comes to grandeur and panoramic views of the entire stretch of Balinese woods, the Bali swing never disappoints. The magnificent Terrace river pool swing is one such outstanding feature. This fun attraction, which has over 15 swings, is the perfect way to appreciate Bali's tropical environment.Tourists are encouraged to visit the bird nest after their swinging expedition to unwind and take in the breathtaking panoramic views of Bali's rice fields. These bird nests make for a beautiful backdrop for all of your instagram-worthy photos. Tea and coffee tasting are two other fascinating activities available here.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swing

The extremely pleasant Wanagiri hills is the most pristine and exquisite photography spot for your memorable vacation pictures. Situated at Buleleng in Bali, this hill features a plethora of gigantic bird nests, a sparkling stream for recreational activities and the most awaited Bali swing. The swing is perched over a great height and faces the pleasant rivers of Buyan and Tamblingan. The swings remain open from 8am to 5pm, and can be reached by shuttle services or cab services. Enjoy the unparalleled views of the entire scenery and make splendid memoirs to last a lifetime.

Di Tukad River Club: Blangsinga Waterfall Swing

Blangsinga Waterfall Swing will surely let you feel swinging at the edge of the paradise. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking viewpoints about 87 metres above the ground overlooking the surreal Blangsinga Waterfall. Blangsinga waterfalls, one of the best waterfalls around Bali and topnotch for all sightseeing purposes also features one of the best swings in Bali. With a calming and extremely pleasant village and countryside ambiance, this swing features amusing and panoramic views of the entire area including Balinese villages, lush paddies and forests. Swim in the vivid pools and sip on pleasant and refreshing drinks while munching on Balinese treats. Di Tukad River Club is perfect for a family getaway amidst the tropical beauty of Bali’s most serene forests.

Swing Bas De Atayana

Popular for its giant heart shape, the Swing Bas de Atayana continues to be one of the greatest and best swings in Bali. Overlooking the tropical and dense forests of Bali, this swing allows one to admire the enchanting natural backdrop while swinging at unbelievably great heights.Adrenaline junkies can also opt for greater heights and relish on the thrill of this exciting activity. Surrounded by Luwak coffee plantations, this swing will teleport you into an otherworldly dimension and promise you a time of your life.

Know Before You Go

Essential Information
Age Restrictions & Facilities
Rules & Regulations
Tips To Visit Bali Swing

Location - Jl. Dewi Saraswati No.7, Bongkasa Pertiwi, Kec. Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80352, Indonesia

Timings - 8am - 5pm.

Best Time to Visit:The best time to visit Bali Swing is during the early hours of opening. Due to its popularity, this attraction receives a heavy crowd and long queues. Avoid the long queues and enjoy a relaxing swinging experience by visiting the Bali swing during early morning hours.

How to reach:- Tourists can easily opt for any transportation facility- private scooty, shuttle services, or public transportation. Enjoy the serene road drive on a private scooty affair and reach Ubud palace in time to enjoy the haven.

  • Shuttle services will pick you from your accommodations and drop you at the attraction anywhere in between 9am - 3pm.

  • Book a cab and enjoy a 30 minutes hassle free transportation from the central region of Bali situated at 25-30 kms. As Bali swing is located on the outskirts of the city, it will take upto 30-45 minutes to reach the location by cab/bus facilities.

Age Restrictions:- Although Bali swing Ubud has officially no age restrictions, children below the age of 7 should be accompanied by their parents for a safer and enjoyable experience.

  • Bali swing is advised for people above the age of 60 with no physical ailments to have a hassle free and safe swinging experience.

Facilities:- Wheelchairs and strollers are not accessible.

  • No locker facility available.
  • Although Bali Swing has no age restrictions, it is highly advised for infants to not ride alone unless accompanied by a parent or a guide.

  • People with physical ailments, heart disease or recent surgeries are not advised to participate in the swinging expedition.

  • Bali Swing Ubud comes with safety instructions from expert supervision prior to the ride which are to be strictly followed and adhered to.

  • Participants are not allowed to carry any sharp and flammable item such as a lighter, pocket knife etc.

  • Pregnant women are not advised to participate in the expedition.

  • Tourists are advised to maintain social distance, wear masks and practice sanitization at regular intervals in accordance to the covid guidelines.

  • Visitors are requested to arrive 30 minutes prior to their confirmed time to avoid long queues and enjoy hassle free rides.

  • Any damage to the attraction’s property, misbehaviour with staff or disobedience of rules and regulations will be heavily penalised.

  • Carry sunblock and hats for sun protection, as Bali has an extremely tropical and humid climate.

  • It's best to do the swinging exercise first thing in the morning to avoid big lines and rushes and to enjoy the cool wind and easy sunshine of Bali's tropical environment.

  • Reach the location 30 minutes prior to your booked slot to avoid any sort of hustle and bustle.

  • Wear light clothing and carry glasses.

  • International tourists are advised to carry their passports and visas at all times during their visit.

  • Tourists are advised not to consume heavy food or indulge in alcohol prior to the ride.

Bali Swing FAQs

Why is Bali Swing famous?

Bali Swing Ubud is known to offer tourists a thrilling swinging experience in the midst of an alluring natural setting. During your visit, you will also get a chance to capture some of the breathtaking shots of nature and its panoramic views. This amusing attraction features a swing which has a height ranging from 15 to 78 metres and overlooks the entire panoramic stretch of Balinese jungles and lavish rivers.

What is the best time to visit Bali Swing Ubud?

The best time to visit Bali Swing is during early morning hours of opening to avoid hustle and bustle and truly enjoy the essence of natural landscapes. Bali swing ubud can be best enjoyed at 8am in the morning, when the temperature and humidity is normal.

What other activities can be pulled off with the Bali Swing activity?

  • The extremely beautiful Bali swing also features the gigantic and picturesque Bird’s nest. This nest overlooks the panorama of Balinese jungles and is the perfect way to relish upon the soft breeze, lush forest views and the charming countryside ambiance.

  • Other exciting activities that one can enjoy here are ziplines. Indulge in adrenaline pumping zip line excursions and travel through the dense forests and canopies of Bali at a great speed.

  • Apart from this, tourists are advised to visit the beautiful rice paddies and take in the essence of the lush greenery and viridescent plantations.

Is Bali Swing in Ubud safe?

Yes, Bali swing Ubud is extremely safe. Participants are provided all safety guidelines prior to the ride and under expert guidance one can have a thrilling time indulging in this beautiful attraction.

Does Bali Swing have a cameraman who can capture our photos?

Yes, Bali swing has a cameraman who can capture your photos from a variety of angels.

What should I wear before I go to Bali Swing Ubud?

Tourists are advised to dress comfortably to enjoy a hassle free riding experience. Wear loose bottoms and shirts made of cotton and linen as the weather of Bali is humid in nature.

Which are the best places to visit in Bali?


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