Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Overview

Going on Indonesia’s Mount Rinjani trekking lets you witness the breathtaking views of Lombok and Sumbawa Island from an elevation of 3726 meters. Trekking to Mt Rinjani is important because this mountain is the second highest peak in Indonesia, and nestles a volcano inside. The trail passes through the UNESCO-listed Geo-park of Mount Rinjani National Park. The trek starts from the traditional Senaru Village. The journey lets you pass through dense forests with gushy rivers, rainforests, pine forests, and savannahs. You can witness the enchanting waterfalls of Benang Stokel, and Benang Kelambu amidst the trek. There are two craters- Sembalun Crater, and Crater Rim lying through the trekking trail. The Segara Anak Lake marks its presence from the high-elevation Crater Rim at 2641 meters. You can dip your feet in the hot springs, or swim in the lake. Another part of the trek takes you to the second summit of Rinjani- Mount Kondo at 3200 meters above sea level.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour

Rinjani Trekking 3D2N Summit

Take the 3-day 2-night Mount Rinjani trekking that covers crater rims, lakes, and waterfalls, to reach the 3726-meter-high Summit. Day 01 of your trek marks your arrival in the base camp of Senaru Village. The next day is your first day of trekking as you reach Sembalun Crater, and stay overnight at the campsite. On the third day, you reach the Segara Anak Lake and reach the summit to enjoy breathtaking views and camp nearby Senaru Crater. The last day of your trek takes you down to Senaru Village.

Mt Rinjani Trekking 2 Days 1 Night (Senaru Crater Rim)

The two-day Mount Rinjani trekking tour is the most suitable option for first-time trekkers and beginners. The trek is all about ascending the Crater Rim of Mount Rinjani in 8 hours through an easy trekking trail with the incredible looks of Segara Anak Lake in the volcano’s crater. The trail passes through a tropical rainforest of tall trees as you reach the crater rim at 2639 meters. The last day of your trek takes you down to Senaru Village in 5 hours.

3D2N Rinjani Trekking and Waterfalls via Aik Berik, Central Lombok

The 3-day Mount Rinjani trekking route through Aik Berik is a less traveled trail in Central Lombok. The trek lets you spend two nights on Crater Rim and swim in a serene lake. Start trekking from the opposite side of the mountain of the Senaru Village. The trekking trail takes you through the Savannah, and Pine forests to witness the sunrise views of Sumbawa island. You can swim at Benang Stokel lake and witness the enchanting Benang Kelambu Waterfalls. The next day, the ascent to Puncak Kondo at 3200 meters- Mount Rinjani’s second summit.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Specialist

A guided Mount Rinjani trekking specialist accompanies you throughout the journey and narrates to you all the facts and important details about everything you encounter. The 4-day and 3-night guided trekking tour takes you to the Crater Rim at 2639 meters and lets you camp around it. The main goal of the trek is to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani at an elevation of 3726 meters. The trekking journey can start at your convenience either at Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani or Mount Rinjani National Park.

Mt Rinjani Trekking 4 Days and 3 Nights

The 4-day and 3-night Mount Rinjani trekking tour starts as you reach the Sembalun Village base camp and start trekking to reach Sembalun Crater Rim. Overnight in the tents, and trek the next day to reach Mount Rinjani Summit at 3726 meters. From there, descend to Segara Anak Lake and drench yourself in the hot springs. The next day of the trek takes you to Senaru Crater Rim, the best place, and camp overnight to witness the mesmerizing charm of Segara Anak Lake.

Mount Rinjani Summit 3 Days 2 Nights Private Tour

Start Mount Rinjani trekking trail through the dense Rinjani National Park dense forests, suitable for experienced-level trekkers. The trekking starts from Senaru Village 600 meters to reach 2000 meters above sea level. You can spot the Giant Banyan Tree as the rest of the trek is through green grasslands that take you to the Crater Rim’s peak at 2641 meters. You can catch the beautiful sight of Segara Anak Lake and descend to reach the enchanting lake up to 2000 meters. From there, ascend to Sembalun Crater Rim and reach Mount Rinjani summit before heading back.

2D1N Rinjani Crater Rim and Waterfalls via Aik Berik, Central Lombok

The 2-day 1-night Mount Rinjani trekking trip takes you through the recently opened route via Aik Berik. The trekking route covers two of the most popular Central Lombok waterfalls Benang Stokel, and Benang Kelambu. The rest of the trekking journey is through dense forests with rivers, pine forests, and savannahs. The short trip takes you to Crater Rim at 2641 meters and lets you descend to Segara Anak Lake. You can dip your feet in the hot springs or swim in the lake, before heading to the endpoint.

2D1N Rinjani Trekking via Aik Berik, Central Lombok

The 2-day 1-night Mount Rinjani trekking tour takes you through the forest route via Aik Berik to Mount Rinjani’s second summit Kondo at 3200 meters. The trekking route covers dense pine forests and savannas. The short trek takes you to the campsite at 2600 meters on the first day. From the campsite, you can witness the sunset and sunrise beauty of Lombok and Sumbawa Island. Around 4 am on the next trekking day, ascend to Mt. Komodo and spend some time there. Descend to Segara Anak Lake before heading back to the base camp.

Mount Rinjani Hiking Senaru Crater Rim ( 2Days 1Night )

Embark on Mount Rinjani trekking trip to reach Senaru Crater Rim in 2-days. Take the beginner-level short trek to Crater Rim at 2641 meters through a forest trekking trail. The trek starts from Senaru Traditional Village and takes you up to Crater Rim to witness the stunning views of Segara Anak Lake. After camping overnight near the Crater Rim, head down to reach Segara Anak Lake at 2000 meters. You can spend some time there and descend down to the base camp on the second day.


What is the best Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour?

  • Mount Rinjani Summit Trek (4D-3N): The longest trek takes you from Senaru Village to Sembalun Crater and Senaru Crater. From there, you can witness the enchanting look of Segara Anak Lake. The highest point of the trek takes you to Mount Rinjani’s summit at 3726 meters.

  • Mount Rinjani Crater Rim Trek (2D-1N): The short-trekking route is suitable for beginners and first-time trekkers. This route takes you through forests, and savannahs to reach Crater Rim at 2641 meters.

  • Mount Rinjani Second Summit Trek- Mount Kondo (3D-2N): This Mount Rinjani trekking route takes you to the second summit of Mount Rinjani- known as Mount Kondo. The trek passes through various forests and waterfalls.

How long does it take to climb Mt Rinjani?

Mount Rinjani Trek is about 4-days and 3-nights long. For a short trip up to the Crater Rim of Mount Rinjani, you can trek for 2-days and 1-night.

Is Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour worth it?

Yes, the Mount Rinjani trekking tour is worth your time because it lets you explore the beauty of Indonesia at its best through the rainforests, pine forests, savannahs, and waterfalls. The trek takes you through Crater Rim, Crater Sembalun, and Segara Anak Lake, an enchanting water body nestled in a volcano, to reach Mount Rinjani at 3726 meters above sea level.

How do I get from Bali to Mount Rinjani?

Take a cab/taxi from Bali to reach Ngurah Rai airport, Kuta in 1 hr 40 min covering 49 km. From there, take a flight to Lombok International Airport. After reaching the airport, take a cab/taxi to reach Senaru Village in 2 hr 53 min covering 118 km.

What is the best time for the Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour?

The best time for Mount Rinjani trekking is between May and July. The weather is pleasant with moderate rains as it is the shoulder season.

From where can I book a Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour?

You can book tickets for Mount Rinjani Trek through our website anytime and from anywhere. Choose a suitable ticket from multiple variants and packages listed on our website for your preferred date.

What is the best way to book a Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour?

The best way to book Mount Rinjani trekking tickets is through our website. You can choose from several variants with different trekking routes according to your fitness levels, and experience. Before checking out, you can avail a discount on the ticket prices.

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