About Canggu

Canggu is a famous coastal village located around 20 minutes to the north of Seminyak in Bali. Stretching across a coastal region of 8 kilometers, this place presents a black sandy beach that is renowned for its magnificent surfing activities. Canggu showcases pristine beaches with barrelling views on one side, while the other side is embellished with tiers of luscious green rice paddies where flocks of birds come to roost or fly over. To reach Canggu, you need to travel 45 minutes by car from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you are traveling from Kuta Beach, it will take only 20 minutes for you to reach the Kerobokan village, and then turning left will take you to your ideal destination.

After reaching there, you will find plenty of beaches to spend your time with friends and family. Every beach allows you to be close to nature while enjoying your favorite drinks and snacks. You can either surf along the Canggu Beach or enjoy the sunsets at the Echo Beach. If you are looking for a tranquil experience, Nelayan Beach is the best spot for you to hang out. Therefore, Canggu is one of the best places in Bali to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating lifestyle amidst the beaches and a beautiful horizon of sunsets and seascapes.

Top Activities to Do in Canggu

Buzzing with liveliness, awesome surfing, yoga enthusiasts, digital nomads, and creativity, there are plenty of activities to do in Canggu. The place offers you a laid back experience by allowing you to indulge in creative activities. From relaxing at the beach bar or pool to surfing, Canggu provides an opportunity to enjoy your vacation like never before.

Surfing Experience.jpg
Surfing Experience at Canggu Beach

Surfing is one of the best recreational things to do in Canggu. It offers a thrilling experience to dance to the magical movement of waves along with catching a glimpse of the mesmerizing views of the sea. It is one of the things that you cannot miss on your trip to Canggu. All you need to do is get on your surfing board and get ready for traveling through the waves. It does not matter if you are a novice, professional surfers are always there to take you on an exciting journey to the sea. Therefore, you must include this activity in your list of things to do in Canggu.

cooking class.jpg
Cooking Classes at Plataran Canggu

The next activity on the list is enrolling yourself in the cooking classes at Plataran Canggu. In this class, you will learn how to augment the unique Balinese flavors in the different types of meals with the help of the best and most authentic chefs. This experience will take you on a gourmet exploration of the Balinese kitchen, where you can attain a deep practical knowledge of real native cooking techniques. The class starts with purchasing the fresh produce from the market with the chef, crafting magic with the ingredients, and then satisfying your taste buds with your own creation.

Vue Beach.jpg
Vue Beach Club Day Pass, Canggu

Vue Beach Club in Canggu is another place that lets the locals and visitors take time out from the mundane lifestyle and spend some quality time at Berawa Beach with refreshing drinks and snacks. No matter whether you are traveling solo or with a partner, this luxurious resort allows you to take a walk at the beach or swim for hours at the infinity pool. You can leverage the warm hospitality and amazing services at the resort and get an opportunity to groove to the tunes of the lively music at the beach party. The Vue Beach Club Day Pass is one of the best ways to have an exciting daycation.

Best Beaches in Canggu

Canggu Beach.jpg
Canggu Beach

Located in the North Kuta district of Canggu, Canggu Beach is a long stretch of volcanic black sand sea which is known as a paradise for surfers. You can see a layer of luscious green rice paddies surrounding the banks of this pristine beach. Bordered by the Indian Ocean, this beach allows surfers from different parts of the world to come and dance to the tunes of the waves. You will also find a multitude of restaurants, bars, and shops lining the ocean, resembling the sparkling gateway to heaven at night. Therefore, Canggu Beach is one of the best beaches in Canggu that has something to offer all its visitors.

Batu Bolong.jpg
Batu Bolong Beach

If you want to have a relaxing day out, Batu Bolong Beach is an excellent choice. It is a visual delight with black-gray sand and slow waves sprawling across a stretch of 1.5 kilometers. Batu Bolong Beach is one of the ideal tourist attractions in Canggu that allows the visitors to spend some time in the serenity of the atmosphere. You will also discover multiple ice cream vendors and cafes on the beach that will leave you relaxed and refreshed with their delightful sweets. It is advisable not to miss the magnificent sunset at the beach as it is the most magical experience you can have in your life.

Berawa Beach.jpg
Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach is a perfect destination for people who want to enjoy the tranquility of the beach as it is less crowded. The dark gray and black sands at the beach cover the largest lagoon in the world on its coastline. Since the waves on the beach are too sturdy for swimming, you can chill out at the sunbeds and parasols. You can relish the sunset view as well by lying on the sunbeds while enjoying your refreshing drink. It is also a great surfing spot for intermediate surfers which makes it a must-visit destination in your travel itinerary.

Alternative Beach.jpg
Alternative Beach

Situated in the Gu Village, Alternative Beach is the newest beach in Canggu. On this beach, you will have the opportunity to select a favorable spot upon the grass terrace overlooking the rice fields or on the fake sand beach. You can even satiate yourself with delicious cocktails from the swim-up pool bar. The beach also allows you to avail yourself of any one of the four jacuzzis overlooking the pool, rice fields, and the ocean. You can take a plethora of snaps with your friends and family and flaunt the pictures on social media. Therefore, Alternative Beach is one of the best places to visit in Canggu.

Echo Beach.jpg
Pantai Batu Mejan (Echo Beach)

Nicknamed Echo Beach, Pantai Batu Mejan is one of the hotspots for surfers in Canggu. It is a long stretch of black sand beach that is well-known for its advanced equipment breaks, 180 degrees sunset, and seascapes. The tasty seafood cafes on the high vantage point on the beach also make it more mesmerizing. If you are fond of landscape photography, Echo Beach is the best place to take pictures of the sunsets and the Indian Ocean. You will also find the most prominent Balinese Hindu sea temple on the beach that is visited by tourists all the year-round.

Nelayan Beach.jpg
Nelayan Beach

Resting between the Berawa and the Batu Bolong Beach, Nelayan Beach is a relaxing beach in Canggu that is used by the fishermen of the village to offload their catches. It is secluded from the different areas of Canggu, so you will not find many attractions around this place. You can either take an evening stroll along the beach or laze around the black sandy beach. The only thing you need to make sure of is to carry your parasols to sunbathe. Since it is a less-trodden beach by humans, you can experience your closeness to nature.

Explore Canggu

Canggu Restaurant.jpg

There are multiple restaurants in Canggu offering delectable dishes in different settings and styles catering to a range of budgets. From wholesome breakfasts to retreating dinners, you will find anything and everything according to your tastes and preferences in these restaurants. Therefore, the dining scene in this surfers’ paradise provides mouthwatering dishes along with superb views that will be satisfying both to your mind, body, and soul.

  • Fishbone Local - If you are craving a fresh and delightful plate of fish, Fishbone Local is a wonderful place. This modern and beautiful restaurant serves lip-smacking fish dishes in their restaurant with a motive to support the local fishermen and the sustainable seafood industry. The battered and pan-seared seasonal fishes are some foods that you must try on your trip to Canggu.

  • Grass Terrace Cafe - The Grass Terrace Cafe allows you to enjoy your tasty breakfast or meal sitting among the greenery of the terrace. This restaurant offers beef, seafood, and chicken dishes in a variety of cuisine styles. In this restaurant, you can start your day with a filling breakfast followed by some Mexican starters and juicy steak for dinner.

Canggu FAQ's

What should I bring for surfing?

    • Swimming suit or board shorts

    • Additional pair of clothes

    • A lightweight carry bag

    • Sunscreen

    • Rashguard

    • Towel

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